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NIJ Compliant .06
10 x 12 single curve

Stops 6 rounds of the 7.62 x 51FMJ

5 Year Warranty

Soft Armor Level IIIA Plate

SKU: 217537123517253
Color: Black
  • Our Safety's IIIA panels are NIJ Certified and come with 2 NIJ Accredited lab reports from HP White and Oregon Ballistics Lab "OBL". These panels have also been tested by us and that video can be seen on our home page. We pride ourselves in doing a triple check when it come to ballistic panels and that includes our own live testing and insuring our products have 2 NIJ accredited lab reports. Our normal IIIA panels are a light 1.25lb per the 10 x 12 size and the Back Face Deformation "BFD" is the lowest in its class as seen on the OBL lab reports.

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