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Military Consulting Solutions was founded in February 2012 by United States Army Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Bryan L. Elder as a Military Training Consulting group. The initial mission was to discover solution based alternatives for military training sets and models. Military Consulting Solutions embarked on discovering new solutions and alternatives for military industrial support groups to improve programs of operations across all training commands.

Military Consulting Solutions today leverages the experience of vested professionals across all areas of industry, government, and education to increase safety, provide educational opportunities, improve business processes, and enhance organizational growth and efficiency. We present viable training options and provide real world solutions.

We at Military Consulting Solutions understand that improving an organization’s processes makes them more efficient and effective and provides significant cost savings. We do not take your choice to use our services lightly. Military Consulting Solutions offers free preliminary consultations to assist companies and individual business owners to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We help identify strategic goals and provide the way ahead to meet and exceed those goals.

We Want Everyone To Be-A-Star

Awareness Curriculum

Armor & Protective Equipment

We Want Everyone To Be-A-Star

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A Georgia Based Company

BE A STAR is powered by Veterans Molding Minds. We not only use the power of

technology but the power of military training. 


BE A STAR unifies communities, administrators, teachers and students.


We look to employ Veterans to perform much needed safety assessments within our school systems across the nation. These highly skilled Veterans will be working hand in hand with community leaders and administrators to make our communities, environments and our schools safer.

Veterans Molding Minds

1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW

Atlanta, GA 30314


Tel:  833.322.7827 (833.3BA.STAR)

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